The Best Celebrity Workouts and Training Routines of 2019

Getting into shape for a movie or TV role isn’t easy. Even though Hollywood stars do this for a living, it can take months of preparation and hard work to get into the shape they need to play a superhero, villain, or just a really fit character. In 2019, there were plenty of those. Whether it was Henry Cavill using all he learned getting in shape to play Superman to transform for Netflix’s The Witcher, or Keanu Reeves getting into fighting shape for John Wick 3, these stars went above and beyond to get ready for their roles.

To find out just how these stars got it done, we spoke to some of the trainers they used for it—and sometimes the stars themselves—throughout 2019 to nail down the workouts, diets, tips, exercises and training programs they used to make it happen. Take inspiration from these stars to hit your own workout goals.

Here are the top celebrity workouts, training tips, and routines we rounded up in 2019.

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