Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan on Staying Fit at Any Age

As you get older, general fitness seems to be one of the first things to slip. Perhaps you are too busy, too tired, too stressed––the list of excuses goes on. However, one excuse that’s simply not true is that you are too old.

While nobody said getting older is easy––especially when it comes to maintaining fitness––there are countless examples of older athletes who defy their age and continue performing at a high level. Two prime examples are Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan. While both men are in their 50s, training and fitness remain at the forefront of their focus.

In this 10-minute video, the two discuss the importance of staying fit as you get older, tips for staying motivated, and why saying that you’re “too old to workout” is not true.

laird hamilton

A Look Inside Laird Hamilton's Wellness Practices

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